Kung Fu A+2+3 Flyin'!

published Aug 04, 2015 | | |
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mplain 1631

Tweaked deck used during the second day of playing new factions with @swider. You can watch the games on swider's twitch channel.

Changes from the previous version:

Dropped 4's in favor of A's for Daomei Wang, Pony Express, and Six-Shooters. Lost Rabbit's Lunar Leap in the process, which was probably a bad idea, this action gives me much more freedom of movement, and the mere possibility of it being in my hand keeps my opponent on his toes.

Starting posse: replaced Hamshanks and Yunxu Jiang (they are still in the deck) with Bai Yang Chen, Hiram Capatch, and Jake Smiley. The plan is to camp Miss Chen and Hiram in the town square, move Ben, Xiaodan, and Jake to the opponent's deeds (they deny income thanks to Hiram), and let Raiden stay at the oppoentn's home and generally be scary. I get -4 upkeep on the first turn thanks to Ben's grifter ability, have enough money to buy a couple deeds to pay upkeep next turn, and if I manage to deny income to my opponent I might get a good tempo advantage. Raiden draws me +2 cards a turn, which is scary with all the techniques and stuff.