Atlanta 2nd Sheriff 2nd place

published Oct 02, 2015 | | |
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This is almost an exact copy as my Knoxville winning deck from a week before. I changed out the This’ll Hurt in the Mornin’ for more Rumors because I never got to use them to any solid effect. I also made Hex Slingin' back into a 4x card mainly because it's just so good.

I played against one Sloane and one Desolation Row deck for the first two rounds. I was able to win an early Shootout that solidified the game versus one player and then Old Man Mcdroste helped me earn a critical CP against another player who just didn't have enough Influence to combat early influence punishment.

I got to play Jacob (again!) for the final round. He and I were essentially playing the same decks we had over three Sheriff events. Jacob had managed to get 2 second place finishes in previous events. This time around he was able to get Lane Healey and Steven Wiles on the board in both of our Finals games and simply had too much influence for me to beat. Even Old Man Mcdroste was able to reduce Healeys 3 inf, but it wasn't enough to win. Congrats to Jacob for a win!