108 Rascally Rabbits

published Nov 14, 2015 | | |
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DoomDog 931

With three wins and one loss, this deck took second place in the seven player OP Kit#3 event in York on 14/11/15. It's notable achievement was that I only drew one cheating shootout hand and a couple of cheating lowball hands all day, much to the irritation of my Soul Cage wielding Oddities and Sanatorium opponents.

I figured I'd try out the kung fu side of the 108, and went with the Tao of the Jade Rabbit as I liked the look of it over Zhu Bajie. The general plan usually began with Xiaodan Li moving into the town square and being joined by Benjamin Washington, moved there by Asakichi Cooke's ability as a) he was booted from grifting and b) it allowed me to discard something I wasn't going to use that turn. Longwei Fu spent a lot of time at home to give my posses an extra stud bonus. Ben and Xiaodan would boss the town square and chase after influential dudes who moved away from home. If my opponent sent backup into the shootout, Longwei or Yunxu Jiang would Rabbit's Lunar Leap into the posse and combo into Rabbit's Deception to send the big stud/expendable chaff back home. Longwei's trait made him especially suited to this style of kung fu. With support from Sun in Yer Eyes and Bottom Dealin', this strategy helped most shootouts go my way.

The plan fell apart against Scott's Crusaders. Scott was sending in blessed equipped with Walk the Path. I didn't want to bounce the blessed guys as they had influence so needed to die, and any backup studs (like the Rapier-wielding El Grajo) who got bounced could be brought back into the fight straight away. My drawing hands full of shootout actions didn't help as it pushed me into fighting even though that wasn't a good idea at the time.

If I was going to change stuff, I'd probably swap the Whiskey Flask for another Faithful Hound and maybe switch Establishin' Who's in Charge for a different Ace value action, as I didn't use it once.

I'm afraid my memory is failing me when it comes to details for a round-by-round summary, so unfortunately there isn't one.

Oh yeah, I just noticed I missed them from the decklist. I had two Jokers as well!