OP Kit #5 Anti-Fortress 4R Control - 1st Place

published Jan 11, 2016 | | |
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kollatt 496

undefeated 6-0 for the sunday op #5 event. the name may seem misleading, but the small edits make all the difference in the fortress matchup. extra copies of lepus and tax office coupled with scoop hound and a high pressure game plan can neuter the archetype effectively. as usual, the deck performs well against nearly every other strategy and is extremely capable of hanging in and clutching come from behind victories. resolutions are king, and paralysis mark is god.

Jan 11, 2016 mplain

What's the role of California Tax Office in the matchup vs. Fortress? Delay the opponent from playing Nic for a turn?

How does this deck fare against Polish Slide? @pvdel says his deck is favored, what do you think?

Jan 11, 2016 Csonti

I struggle to see how this deck could reliably survive an early onslaught from hyperagressive builds (like decks starting with Judge Harry Somerset or his experienced version). What Am I missing?

Jan 11, 2016 kollatt

mplain - yes. the tax office amounts to extra pressure as the fortress decks are often starved for ghost rock if you quickly occupy their deeds. most of them also run several whateley estates which are costly and don't provide any money. and banditslide would probably be a stressful matchup for this deck, but with the rise of fortress i haven't expected slide to be around that much since it has itself a difficult win ratio against fortress decks. it's also still not unwinnable.

csonti - that's basically all i've ever done with this deck and it's precursor. multiple steven wiles, travis moone and the brute as shields, a tight draw structure, blood curses and an inordinate amount of resolutions gives me the long-term advantage in shootouts. in the finals i took the win after a five-casualty hit from hot lead flyin' and still outlasted a six-dude army against my lone leonardo to steal away victory. don't doubt. :]