Zap Gun Cops

published Jan 11, 2016 | | |
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DoomDog 931

I blame Royal Crown Revue

This here's an old-ish idea that could probably use a little bit of tweaking with some of the newer cards. I've swapped the Bunkhouses for Old Marge's Manor but I'm sure there must be room for the likes of Marty and other new gadget hotness.

The idea behind this deck is to build Asyncoil Guns and use them to chase after wanted dudes, zap them with the gun's ability and lock them away in the jail to build up its control points. The deck is club-light to reduce the chances of an overcharge. Against higher value dudes, it's still +2 bullets for one of your studs which is nothing to be sniffed at.

Backing up the Asyncoil gun you've got the good ol' Force Field & sidekick combo - you spend ghost rock to match hand ranks then, all going well, one of their dudes bites the bullet while your faithful companion takes one for the team leaving you safe to fight another day/round/whatever...

The final gadget is a single Teleportation Device. The deck is already low on clubs so why not have this handy gizmo installed next to your home to beam you to the location of your choice and catch unsuspecting criminals unawares with very little chance of anything going wrong? You could just run another Scoop Hound or something instead though, it's hardly a key part of the deck.