The importance of Value V3.0

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madscience 154

Updated for Bad Medicine. The Deck is back. I'm still not certain that it is top tier tournament quality, but it's about as good as it is going to get.

Feb 11, 2016 SirLargeness

im guessing that Marty is supposed to be here somewhere or were you starting Lucky for other reasons?

Feb 11, 2016 madscience

Nope. No Marty at this point. I'm starting her, because she's the best Starting Mad Scientist for the cost.

You can't come close to her stat line for 2 Ghost Rock and 1 Upkeep.

2 bullets 1 Influence Mad Scientist 1

If I had the one extra rock, I'd consider Jen. But, then I'd have to lose Luke, and having a 5th starter, especially one with such a useful ability just isn't happening.

Feb 11, 2016 SirLargeness

i gotcha. thought process being that Kyle's zero influence leave you too vulnerable?

Feb 11, 2016 Nobuyoki

Are you sure you didn't want to put 4x Bio charged?

Feb 11, 2016 madscience

Less Bullets makes it easier to kidnap. Less Influence means that I don't have a chess piece.

No. I didn't want Bio Charged. I run a TOTAL of 2 Mad Scientist, and you cant trade the Bio Charged. On the other hand, Vitality Tonic saves my but in a deck that isn't necessarily "meant" to shoot until it's ready to shoot.

Feb 12, 2016 Nobuyoki

Luke can trade the bio charged. But ok.

Feb 12, 2016 madscience

I just learned about this. I'm not sure that I'd change my position on it for this deck. Tonics save your dudes, and it's still not an aggressive shooter. I'd still rather have the safety of the tonic, rather than the extra bullets of the Bio.