The importance of Value V2.0

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madscience 154

This deck is the "Second Round" of my "Importance of Value"

I dropped Clint Ramsey for El Grajo. I dropped The Holster (which was just a filler) for the Gadget. I dropped Jake for Kyle. I don't need Jake's influence, while Kyle is far better as a starter for me. I dropped 2 Recruitment Drive for 2x Too Much Attention. I've been facing more an more decks that are running dudes that end up with Control Points. Honestly, I've thought about dropping the other 2 Recruitment Drives, and just running Too Much Attention. Time will tell.

I also, on the comment of someone on the original list, dropped two drinks for two point blanks. We will see how that works out.

Jul 06, 2015 Jedilanni

Been playing my version which differs by about 5 cards loving the anti row tech with Too Much Attention and the ability to take over town square. Since your thinking about dropping Recruitment Drive maybe add Unprepared as the other ten spot.

Jul 08, 2015 Otomo

With Morgan's economy wouldn't it be best to throw in at least 2x it's not what you knows? Clear Out seems to be of limited use.

Jul 08, 2015 madscience

No. Clear out is Free Movement, when it becomes the most critical. The Chess to end the game.

At it's heart, this is still dudes and deeds. It can shoot, if it needs to, but the goal is still to drop deeds, and win.

Your opponent will be forced to move, to squat on deeds to stay in the game. I'll be able to move who I want, to block them, when I want. Huntsmen's Society has a HUGE bullseye painted on it. Clear Out means I can move my guys there when they take it over. It means that I have to squat less, and I can be more proactive.

Once they realize that you are running it, it will work psychologically to influence where and how they move.

Don't underestimate it.