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Shindig 33

Dead, alive or in-between, you're coming with me. So come quietly or there will be... trouble.

Between QUATERMAN and Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton, control cards aren't going to be much use against your robot horde once you get going. Yeah, you start with 3 wealth, but you have a lot of Deeds that cost 1 or 2 rock, so you should be able to ramp up fairly quickly. Particularly when a Skeleton on Wendy removes her upkeep thanks to Margaret Hagerty.

The bullet bonus from the Skeleton (and maybe the penalty from Nightmare at Noon) should enable Outgunned and that plus the immunity to being booted should allow you to shoot creeps Point Blank.

Play Dudes, turn 'em into cyborgs so you don't have to pay them any more and go serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law.

Excuse me. I have to go. Somewhere there is a crime happening.

Feb 21, 2016 db0

Only problem is, I don't think your Guard Dogs are going to cut it as your only anti-cheatin'.

Feb 21, 2016 Shindig

Thanks, new version here: