Judge Jia (3-0)

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goreshde 467

This is a Judge deck using Jia as the combat starter. It is really aggressive and tries to kill their people to win quickly.

I have played it 6-7 times and only once have I not been able to do a Force Quarantine first turn. I have often had to retrieve it from my discard, but Jia is okay with that.

The idea is simple. Hit the target with your outfit and then have Jia, Travis, and Willa run a forced quarantine. Willa is incredible. While you have her you can cheat more often and take more risks. With a basically 3-16 draw structure you are going to shoot really well.

I go back and forth between Valeria and Tyx starting. The upkeep from Tyx and Jia destroys my economy, but he also keeps Jia safe from sun and other card effects. I like Valeria more because you are still running 4 P marks and 4 Blood Curses. You can go in, kill some high influence people, and then win with normal 4th Ring bullshit.

This is basically I better version of the Judge deck. The Judge has issues generating control points and its Law Dogs (easily the worst faction, their dudes are garbage). This combines the bullshit of 4R with the fast attack of the Judge. The ability to create control points on top of that is just icing on the cake.

Mar 01, 2016 madscience

I was doing something similar, using 9's, for Mark of Pestilence. I had widened the scheme too much, but there was definitely something to be done with Jia.

The only problem I have, (that I found with mine) was that If they can screw with Jia, your done.

I've been trying to find a group of starters that would allow you to start Tyx and Jia, to give you an added element of protection for him, but assembling the pieces hasn't quite happened yet.

Mar 01, 2016 Woody

It's nice to see the 4R getting a shot in the arm especially with how the Lawdogs have been running roughshod in all metas. Exp Jia Mein helps this underpowered faction finally compete.
This deck is really great. It's only downside is coming at it early and killing Jia before he studs up. First turn kidnap may be the best bet.

Mar 01, 2016 DoomDog

Is this meant to be using The Sanatorium or are you relying on Blood Curse to set up your Forced Quarantines?

Mar 01, 2016 mplain

@Woody wat? o_O

Mar 01, 2016 Woody

@mplainThe first part was sarcasm.

Mar 01, 2016 mplain

@Woodyphew =_=

BTW I missed the point when Law Dogs became weak. Last I saw them they were played by Big Z and kicked ass with 4x Kidnap 4x BH, what changed?

Mar 01, 2016 goreshde

@DoomDog yeah, this is supposed to be The Sanatorium. When I first started brainstorming I had it a 4R, but I just never got around to changing it here.

@Woody I think you need to play Law Dogs more. Maybe try a blessed deck out. I hear they are good. Why would you want to play with Hex Slingin' when you have Martyr's Cry.

Mar 01, 2016 InvertedGuard

How useful was Phantom Fingers?

Mar 01, 2016 Woody

Lawdogs only play is bounties and kidnapping... The best decks I have seen use that with Vasilis the Boar. I have had a good run with them but they are not all comers decks to be sure.

@goreshdeBlessings are terrible and basically make the LD a throw away faction. That's coming from someone that loves playing them.

Mar 01, 2016 Woody

Enough about how terrible Lawdogs are... This deck is really good and deserves play in other metas.

Mar 02, 2016 lonewolf

I would Not be as harsh as Woody but I agree With him that LD dudes are often understated, and the Miracles have problems between Value/Skillcheck/Effets interactions. The latest Miracles are pretty much better but have greater restrictions than Spirit or the older Hexes. For This deck: you compare with Judge that I played and tried to evolve many times. But I see big différences between them: the Draw structure of the Judge is so strong and never Cheatin'. In This deck you have a classical 3x16. Judge aggro you at first action. Here , your opponent Will have actions played before being called out. Judge is triggered With Andrew Burton's bounty. Quarantine need you to have it in hand or in Lowball. The réal and important advantage of This deck is the CP generator. This deck is interesting but I would Not compare it to the power of agression of the Judge archetype. If I would try to build This, I think I would try something more of the likes of the true judge deck : trying some sort of more agressive set up, cuting Deeds and Dudes and playing a structure out of straighten flush

Mar 02, 2016 goreshde

@InvertedGuard Gadgets are pretty hot in my Meta right now so I wanted to make sure I had it. I don't think I ever used it in my 6-7 games with this deck, but I want to keep it. You can slot in something else if you want.

@lonewolf Both decks try to run a kill job every turn until you win the game. The deck as the added bonus of generating control points and sweet hexes. Judge does not get that. I have played enough Judge decks to know that while it is fun it has enough flaws for a big tournament. The added control elements in the deck as well as a strong reproducible CP generating kill job I believe makes this superior. I am not of a big fan of the Judge running a straight flush. I think 3x16 is superior. Against a 3x16 deck even if you remove their stud bonus their draw structure is strong enough to oppose you.

Much like the Judge deck this deck is weakened if you go after me first. In a heads up match I think the Judge might have an edge, but against the field at large Jia is the way to go.

@Woody Maybe try blessing out one more week. you are so close to coming in third with them.

Mar 02, 2016 pvdel

I played with almost identical list today (squeezed in 4 Soul Blasts and together with 2 Phantom Fingers had 6 cards off-value). My initial impression: I liked the deck quite a bit. It will still lose against a turn1 Kidnappin on Jia, but otherwise it has a decent chance against the field. What I liked the most was that you don't really need to (and often don't want to) play a Judge game. You can develop a board like a regular Clown deck and strike when you're ready. That's why I feel like 4 Forced Quarantine may be 1 too many., With three you're pretty much guaranteed to have one mid-game and then re-use it every turn if need be. That would make a slot for a single INWYK.

Mar 14, 2016 Harlath

This recent ruling would seem to significantly weaken the Judge Jia deck. Apologies if I'm the bearer of bad news for some (although it may be good news for others!): www.alderac.com

Mar 14, 2016 Woody

We were just talking about how terrible that ruling was. I don't play it but I have to play Goreshde so i guess that is good for me. :P

Mar 15, 2016 Harlath

Decision reversed! Jia is now a stud running Forced Quarantine once more.