Carter's Crusaders - 6th Texas Ranger Outlaw

published Apr 17, 2016 | | |
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RichCarter 405

Even with only 2 real starting influence, this was my entry into the 17 person Texas Ranger Outlaw event. Went 3-2 Consecration and Shield of Faith helped my survival round one against two hot hands of Devil's Jokers. Round two Jia's outbreak monkey was eating me up until I got lucky (and had deeds). Round three the winning Sloane plopped out deeds and took over town square and I hardly had token resistance to offer. Round four was the second place 108 deedslide. I almost pulled it out, and ran things to time (a feat, considering the start), but kidnapping is a poor solution when they run Hired Guns. Round five was a Morgan deed heavy build that was willing to shoot with me. Everything fired on all cylinders and I had his deeds choked out.

Overall I would say pull the saber for a fourth Shield of Faith. Maybe run the risk of some spell failure and put tommy in the deck for the no upkeep switch out.

Love both Jael's guile and Walk the Path, wish I could have more of each.

For a deck I was unsure about, I am pleased with how it functioned in the flesh.

Apr 17, 2016 SirLargeness

Good thoughts on continuing Abrams Crusaders. Never really considered running it without melee weapons, but i guess you dont actually need them. Looking forward to giving this a couple runs.

Apr 17, 2016 RichCarter

Need another natural deputy blessed. Using the home means that only one blessed gets deputized for the day.

[cue my bellyaching in Tin Star should give Deputy trait]

Apr 19, 2016 SirLargeness

Why isnt Tommy Harden a better choice to start over Abram Grothe?

Apr 19, 2016 RichCarter

Strictly a "Shotgun Bait" concern. Original plan had exp2 Abram, but then discovered the rules do not allow a double exp jump. exp 1 could be worth it (for the blessed deputy) - maybe then with a Tommy start I could save up enough cash for his big 7 rock cost.

Apr 19, 2016 SirLargeness

Why worry about shotgun at all if you're jumping to 4 shield of faith? if they theoretically win lowball they'll probably kill the guy with the spell before they kill harden, at least, thats what i would do

May 02, 2016 drkwizard

Sorry, I'm new, why run Walters Creek Distillery when there are no saloons or casinos in the deck?

May 05, 2016 RichCarter

just because it is a 10.