I have no time for games

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None. Self-made deck here.
Inspiration for
Turbo Fortress 0 0 8

Gozik 612

Failed attempt to break doomtown. Still funny deck to experiment with.

Strategy is simple.
Lay couple of 1cost dudes (preferably bobo or steven). Get 6-7 control points first turn (+2 points if you draw bunkhouse in starting hand). Call out opponent if he moves in bunkhouse. With big number of shootouts events odds are ussually in your favor. Kill him or die. Game will definetly end here:) (that's what the title about)

Now weaknesses:
My initial version featured Jaqualine instead of Shelby, but as it occurs opponent can just come to bunkhouse, match his influence with my control and do not call out. With Shelby I cannot lay dudes with total cost of 3 - probably should futher adjust starting posse. 3 ghost rocks at start are pretty important.

Another option to beat this - start Rico and lay 7 influence at start of game.

But still it is really strong (high risk/high reward to be more precise) deck that is going 3-2 in current league. In one game with Bobo (10-home-6 posse) I managed to lay 3 streetflash in a row:))

Recomend to try this deck if you are looking for something different. Have fun!