Turbo Fortress

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DoomDog 931

Inspired by the Whateley Rush deck that Gozik posted, here's a completely untested and utterly dumb Spirit Fortress variant that looks even riskier to play.

Right, I'm off to try and build a good deck...

Apr 27, 2016 Gozik

I would recomend to add some hexes. Paralisys mark and Blood Curse are really good in rush Nic decks.

Apr 29, 2016 Whizzwang

What does it do against T1 removal?

Apr 29, 2016 DoomDog

Hope for a straight flush and then fall apart when it doesn't happen? I did mention it's incredibly risky and not a particularly good deck.

Apr 29, 2016 Whizzwang

It's certainly interesting.

Honestly I'm surprised we've only seen one attempt at Howard/Bunkhouse/Nic rush so far. I would have thought people would be all over it

Apr 29, 2016 Gozik

After testing I think that old howard builds ate too much one-sided. With previous builds featuring 4 bunkhouse I had some extra ghost rocks that lets me to lay down some income and be able to win even if I did not win at 1-2 turn.

With ol howard to bunkhaus you commit to much. 4 gr for 0 control, 0 income. Yes you can reach about 7 cp first turn, but that s not enough and you don't have plan B ussually. At second or seventh turn you will have about same number of points (if you do not lose Nick). Any Rico deck beat this strategy just by laying 7 influence at start of game. With Rico and Jake that's only 4 influence with 3 more dudes - easy enough for any competitive deck playing Rico.

I'm planning to experiment with bunkhouse Nick though. Drop ol howard, put back 4 bunkhouses. Number of cheap dudes enhance this strategy for sure.

Another option is to play both ol howard and 4 bunkhouse. With bh in starting hand that's immidiatlly +2 control points. Now it is possible to reach 8-9 points first turn(in 108). And if opponent does not have enough influence or Rico we still can go all-in first turn.

Definitely need more testing.

Apr 29, 2016 Whizzwang

Try running 4 Nic and not starting him (I go 3 Nic 3 Hired Guns) - it's a little slower but you can start EVERY 1 and 2 cost chud under the sun leaving you loads of rock for 0cp prod like Blake Ranch, Maza etc.

4 Whips, 4 Lepus, 4 Blight Serum for all the send home effects ever and you're pretty much golden

Apr 29, 2016 Whizzwang

Aha - I have one built on here:

Here's my current version - Xui Yin adds an actual threat level to any shootout if you have 6 or mor dudes there making Straight Flushes easily achievable.

Apr 29, 2016 Whizzwang