Showboating spirits

published Aug 08, 2016 | | |
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jaythejester 455

This is the first workable draft (I believe) of a new type of deck. Showboating. The strategy is simple. Play spells, survive, cast spells, win. You'll want to get your deck down to the point where you have very few, or no cards in the deck except Showboating. The spells and goods are for survival. I've toyed with running the high value totems and spirits, which create better control and token dudes. The cost of those totems and spells I found to be prohibitive. Crafty Hare can give very real protection against many decks that run spot removal jobs, It will only work fairly reliably early and mid-game if they aren't running dudes above 7 (if you pile on Black Elk, still it could make a huge difference. Each turn you use your home ability you can potentially drop 8 cards from your deck. Add another each turn you play buried treasure. Get an Owl's Insight to go off and you could immediately drop up to 5 more goods/spells for free that turn. Showboating in hand and running out of GR are the only real ways those numbers diminish. Since the deck starts 5 dudes, and 8 cards won't count against the deck, and 5 cards can be in hand when magic begins, your looking at around 4 or 5 turns you need to survive until your generating huge numbers of control points per turn. To survive, we have cards that grant harrowed to all your dudes, massive bullet stud bonus to a shaman if they stay put, a way to escape even spot removal jobs, and influence.