Burning cure

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jaythejester 460

Jesters industries has listened to the whispering shadows and heard something dark, something unnatural. Heretical laughter echoes, echoing off the padded walls. We harvest the pieces. The medicine tastes of burning lead. We must lose, lose to send them away, lose to bring them into the grave with us. Death escapes those chosen by the rose. Bury the demons. When the ringleader returns, we will cure them again. We pay Horace to call the master again.

Jun 18, 2017 jordan caldwell

Ok so. Hired Guns or A Piece of the Action a high-value Abomination, get into a fight, Hot Lead Flyin' and Diable en Boite to "win," defend Epidemic Laboratory?

What about single copies of Nicodemus Whateley and Soul Cage - for an alternate win condition (with Bunkhouse) and as a way around paying 4 or more per disposable monster?

Why The Sanatorium over the others?

Jun 19, 2017 jaythejester

I should have written up a better deck description along with my Lovecraftian attempt.

This is another one of my decks I call a sleeper deck. It takes time to build, so until the pieces come together, you focus on not losing. As for Choosing The Sanatorium, it provides an extra influence to help you survive .

Hired Guns is early game for pulling key abominations. If you get A Piece of the Action you can play The Harvester and Monte Bank to get a 3S/3I 0upkeep for 4. It also pulls Roses out of deck for higher abomination count and influence. I put in a couple Tusks simply for card draw, but I'm looking at simply going 4 Monte Bank. After you have a large number of abominations aced or in play, Ivor Hawley (Exp.1) becomes free, and Horace Manse can bring him back from boot hill to be played again. Hired guns again is essential in pulling Ivor and Horace.

Buried Treasure draws after being played, increases economy, and fills boot hill with abominations for Ivor.

Winning the game is through repeatedly playing Ivor, and high value abominations, repeatedly suicide them into opponents dudes, losing shootouts, Hot Lead Flyin' to cause casualties. Diable en Boite is card draw, and it sends select dudes out of the shootout to help casualties stick on the right dudes (and ace value) Epidemic Laboratory is back up win condition against those that refuse to fight.

I just realized Junior is a poor choice for deck. Replace with The Caretaker I might try adding 1 Nicodemus Whateley Pawnshop can probably get dropped, I was thinking it would help economy, but it often only helps your opponent.

Jun 19, 2017 jordan caldwell

You bring an unmatched eccentricity to deck-building. Still trying to wrap my head around this deck whose circumference pushes the outer limits of the card base further from what I can imagine with even with close study.

I may just have to build this thing and see for myself...