Abram's Attrition - Booted Dudes Edition

published Jun 30, 2017 | | |
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(This decklist accompanies Episode 19 of the Booted Dudes Podcast. For more information, find us on facebook.com/BootedDudes or http://analoggaming.libsyn.com )

This deck is in for the long game! Jerusalem wasn't built in a day, and like Abram always said, you can take a man outside of the boundaries of the law, but you can never take the law out of a man!

Ok, here's the plan: Use Andrew Burton's ability and if you don't have a Confession at hand, use Father Tolarios to tutor it first turn if possible.

Then, create some more bounty on your opponent's dudes and use that bounty in turn to tutor up the Tlaloc's Furies ASAP! Remember that they also increase your skill rating, so the next time Father Tolarios extorts a Confession out of someone, it might be he gets up to 6 bounty at once (2 Blessed + 4 from Tlaloc's Furies). Once you got that engine rolling, you can go to town with Erik Samson (don't forget to make him a deputy with your outfit for +1 bullet!). If things go sideways, save your dudes with a Lay On Hands and make your opponent suffer beforehands with Point Blank, Takin' Ya With Me or even both at the same time (ouch!).

If you face off against deedslide, don't hesitate pulling Amazing Grace with Father Tolarios to make contesting your opponent's deeds easier. Snipe their influential dudes with a Bounty Hunter orJudge Harry Somerset (Exp.1). Be careful when to play your own deeds to not flood the board with too much control and spread out your miracles across your deputies (don't forget Andrew Burton is one as well!) to increase your overall influence.

Shout-out to Richard Carter for designing this Holy Roller of a deck. Thanks for making Miracles great again!

Jul 06, 2017 Harlath

Enjoyed the review episode and I like this "updated" version of the deck now that Rico Rodegain has received errata and no longer has any influence. Keep up the good work guys.