Law Dogs - Don't Cheat Me *Jacksonville Epitaph*

published Jul 10, 2017 | | |
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ChanSterling 24

This is my Law Dogs deck that took me to the top at Jacksonville, Florida's Epitaph Series event. A total of six players hit the field (Two Regulators, One Full Moon Brotherhood, One Desolation Row, and One 108 Righteous Bandits). Three rounds later, I took the win.

More details for come on the Gomorra Gazette!

Big props to Comin' Up Roses for being an all-star and helping win decisive victories in each game. In further iterations, Putting The Pieces Together will most likely be dropped as it always seemed to risky to get set up. Make the Smart Choice was never powerful enough as the shooters I faced didn't have influence, and I ran Siege Of The Orphanage to out headline others, but I never found a situation where I wanted to play it.

Thanks to everyone at Borderlands Comics and Games for being so great and providing such a great time! I can't wait to sling lead with you all in the future!

Jul 10, 2017 Harlath

Congratulations and I look forward to seeing the report on the Gazette.

Nice to see a straight flush deck do well. Maybe A Fight They'll Never Forget could work on 2s as it would cover the headline use of Siege Of The Orphanage but give you a helpful bullet buff, as you said Make the Smart Choice didn't work?

Early days yet, but with two Regulators present it is good to see Epitaph isn't going to be "all cavalry, all the time". Well done for showing other deck types can succeed. :)

Jul 10, 2017 Doowa

Excellent stuff here. Always curious when an SF deck manages to succeed! What would you say could/ would help the deck Draw even more SFs in shootouts? just more bullets or..? If you're to cut back on the PtPT, would adding more Hearts help make a difference with Comin' Up Roses's resolution? Perhaps spread out the deeds you have on 5 value to more values? or rather just add more Bounty Hunter? Would you dare to equip The Gambler's Gun?

How many stud bullets did you average when you pulled the SF and did your opponent cheat?

Jul 10, 2017 BlackJack78

It was great having you guys in the tournament. I enjoy going against new people and decks. I should have listened to my own advise and let a job happen. Maybe I could lasted longer....and I need to revise my deck with some more influence. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to toss sling lead.