Edinburgh Epitaph 2nd Place Gun Fu

published Jul 17, 2017 | | |
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forkbanger 62

Do you know people love?

Fighting half a dozen stud dudes backed up by the Legendary Holster and Shotguns, with a load of bullet and value reduction fuelled by Baijiu Flasks.

Oh, and over the top of this percussion section is some gospel singing jerk (Stevie Lyndon with Onward Christian Soldiers) preventing you from affecting their bullets.

Jul 17, 2017 Harlath

This was an absolute nightmare to face with another shootout deck and very effective, I lost to it in bloody fashion. We went in to one shootout with three dudes on each side (I had one or two sidekicks too) - everyone was aced by the end of the first shootout round! Sadly Steve had strangled my economy and had plenty of other dudes, while I had a lone Philip Swinford and couldn't come back from this. Earlier shootout had seen Steve wisely play around my attempts to inflict attrition with tied shootout/Point Blanking Bounty Hunters thanks to his plentiful bullet reduction.

In particular, I like An Accidental Reunion for reusable Cheatin' punishment with a brutal sting in the tail: you've got enough disposable dudes to just take the casualties and can risk Cheatin' yourself. The home's movement effect is good for getting the Legendary Holster back in to position/back to safety.

Kung-fu and Doomsday Supply supply is particularly nasty - you're never really safe from Shotguns, as a whole bunch can suddenly appear in the discard pile and be used to kill you. RIP Tommy Harden.

Jul 17, 2017 forkbanger

I brought enough Baijiu Jars to pour out a drink for everyone who died (and it was everyone in some cases).

I think Dave had it rougher than you, as he was Cookin' Up Trouble and using Sight Beyond Sight to scout hands.

Jul 17, 2017 jordan caldwell

I really like your band here. Stevie Lyndon and Xui Yin Chen make a great duet out of Onward Christian Soldiers!

Jul 18, 2017 Sauronsbeagle1

This deck was brutal. Still, it's hard to stay mad at a drunk monkey with a shotgun.

Jul 26, 2017 Kamacausey

Love the onward Christian soldiers in a kung fu deck! Kudos! I gotta ask though, how did this do so well? You have hardly any deeds to keep your income flowing and your draw structure is pretty loose. What am I missing?

Jul 27, 2017 forkbanger

When you can draw and cycle so many cards, you don't need many deeds- they're all high production ewept for Joker's Smile and Pettigrew's, and those keep the money rolling in through acing Jokers and any player buying goods. Low values and loose structure means making more money by winning lowball.

Natalya can shake down your opponent's biggest money deed, if needed.

Xiu Yen Chen gives that start six stud. Kung Fu gives you more bullets while crippling your opponent's bullet ratings, values, and plans to boot to do anything.

Baijiu Flasks help with that, churning through your cards to make sure you can hit your techniques and find something to Doomsday Supply- Shotguns blast dudes who've been hit with Raking Dragons, Legendary Holster shoots whoever you feel like.

Meanwhile, Onward Christian Soldiers turns off a huge number of options for your opponent- no Sun in Yer Eyes, no Faster on the Draw, no Nightmare at Noon.

Try it out.

Jul 27, 2017 Harlath

Seconding the points above - the deck's starting GR is good thanks to Benjamin Washington cutting your upkeep and it tends to win lowball. After that, it has good card throughput and an extra card in its hand thanks to Randall.

Xui Yin Chen helps in shootout by making everyone a stud - it is hard to outmaneuver her thanks to The 108 Righteous Bandits home and Hamshanks is often around to protect her from opposing abilities.

@Kamacausey - intereested if you or anyone else tries this with a slight increase in the number of deeds. :)