"Pass me the Amputation Hammer" (Newcastle Epitaph 30/07/17)

published Jul 30, 2017 | | |
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DoomDog 934

The deck name comes from an old local LRP in-joke, it seemed to fit the way I picture the Fourth Ring Abominations' attempts at surgery. The deck itself is about as precise, having a couple of tricks but mostly being all about the shootouts.

Its two tricks are ones I've been wanting to play around with for a while. The first is Tyxarglenak with the Essence of Armitage stealing everyone's bullets, ideally following up with a Nightmare at Noon. The second is the Mark of Pestilence and Jael's Guile combo, which is ideally performed by The Flying Popescus as they will remain unbooted so can still hammer away if I end up with a Cheatin' hand. Also, they like having Mystical goods. The Sanatorium was my home of choice purely because I had the wooden home and hadn't used it yet, but it has its uses. Removing bullets from dudes being the main one, but also providing set up for Forced Quarantine when a Blood Curse wasn't to hand and getting extra influence on dudes is generally useful.

Things didn't really work out too well on the day, partly due to bad luck with draws but also plenty of piloting mistakes. I'm not convinced I was really awake enough, especially for my later games. My notable achievement of the tournament was twice matching a straight flush deck with a clubs straight flush of my own (one with just the top five cards of my deck) thanks to fortuitous joker timing. I ended up with one win and three losses at a well-attended event. Sixteen players in all showed up, a mix of locals and out-of-town drifters from across the north of the UK which was a great turnout for the first event in Newcastle.

Jul 31, 2017 Harlath

Congratulations on your improbably straight flushes, one of which I was lucky enough to observe live after my game ended early.

I saw both you and Mark making good use of Essence of Armitage - nice to see this getting some play. I like the Mark of Pestilence being used alongside Jael's Guile, and even better when making The Flying Popescus studs.