Dude • Stud 2 • Influence 0 • Cost 4 • Upkeep 1

Other players cannot choose or affect your Hucksters at this location with action cards if they could legally choose to affect Tyxarglenak instead.

"Come on now Tyx. There's work to be done." - Ivor Hawley
Fearmongers • Lucas Svedberg • Base Set #12
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Tyxarglenak can be used to add consistency to a huckster deck that may be lacking in strong shooters. His value works for Hex pulls and his 2 stud bullets let him take on enemy dudes directly. Obviously, he's most effective when used alongside hucksters. He'll allow you to actually put up a fight against a Kidnappin' on your primary huckster and prevent an Unprepared from completely nullifying all your hexes. The abomination keyword opens up all sorts of possibilities as well if you're playing Oddities of Nature.

For me, his biggest downside is his lack of influence. Even though you may want to use his 2 studs aggressively, without influence there is little he can do on his own, and he's ultimately a defensive card. He's affordable enough, but I generally dislike paying upkeep for cards that aren't giving me influence. Usually he's one of the first dudes to be taken as a casualty though, so the upkeep isn't a huge issue.

Bottom line: A strong defensive card that can protect your hucksters from shootouts and shootout actions.