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GrahamD12345g 44

This is the deck I had edited from Law dogs and bounty hunters that I had used at the European Marshall event in Huddersfield. I listened to the Advice from Harlath and doomdog and made changes.

So... I managed to pilot this beauty to 3rd place at the Newcastle Epitaph, which i believe has the biggest epitaph turn out so far with a field of 16. I got very fortunate and drew up against most of the Hartlepool crew and decks I had faced before, so I knew what was coming, I even faced Toms abomination deck which i previously face in the Europeans, again I knew what to expect...and lost again due to stupidly emptying my hand of cards in a shootout and Tommy had been switched off by full moon brotherhood, giving Tom free range to cheat all he liked and having cheating res in his hand to....yes that sucked!

Saying that I had loads of fun collecting the bounties, my opponents not so much.

So cheers Robert and Dave for for your expert advice

Jul 31, 2017 Harlath

Well done on taking third in a good sized tournament! I really like the inclusion of Rope and Ride - I think I've neglected this as it is good in many match-ups and excellent against Spirit Fortress specifically. There comes a reckoning will help upgrade the uninspiring deed options on 6, as I think Buffalo Emporium is worth using as a 3GR deed with 1CP for 2 produciton even if you aren't playing abominations.

I'm glad some of my well-meant advice paid off for once. I have a spotty record on advising other people, memorably counselling Mark against the Condition deck that went 6-0 all the way to York's 2016 Sheriff final... That said, it may well just be that the good advice game from Dave. ;)

I've experimented with Bobo as a surprise "Poor Man's Steven Wiles" in this kind of deck, often in place of Erik Samson if I don't have a melee weapon. He makes a great surprise if your opponent boots a dude somewhere thinking your dudes are stranded.

Congratulations again, and good luck to you and the others if you make it to Manchester!

Jul 31, 2017 GrahamD12345g

Bobo is a good option as Erik cant become a stud from faster on the draw. Think i may make the change. Dont think i can make manchester.

Jul 31, 2017 DoomDog

This doesn't look too far off my own Law Dogs deck! I've currently got The Mixer in that 6-spot - handy for dealing with opposing Thunder Boys in mirror match scenarios among other things. I'm also borrowing different out-of faction dudes on threes but that's more down to personal preference.

Jul 31, 2017 GrahamD12345g

Does the mixer negate sun in your eyes too?

Jul 31, 2017 DoomDog

Yep - turns off all bullet modifiers not from attached goods, good or bad. If Tommy or a Gunslinger gets hit with SIYE, Mixer can remove the -2 bullets and return him to a stud. Just remember he hits your buffs too so will remove Faster on the Draw and Thunder Boy's extra bullets and stud.