Gencon 2017 World Championship Top 8-Hymnal Bully Beatdown

published Aug 22, 2017 | | |
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Kamacausey 51

This is the deck I used to go 5-1 and top 8 with at Gencon. I wanted to make an aggressive deck with cheap dudes that used amazing grace to bully opponents deeds with my no influence dudes. 108 was the way to go for this style of deck because it let me start 6 dudes with one of them being Stevie Lyndon. He allowed me to auto succeed on my hymn pulls since he has a +4 bonus to hymns. Because he auto succeeded on my hymn pulls with anything but an ace I was able to play with 2-K's. The other clutch dude for this style of deck was longwei. He let me win so many shootouts I never had any business winning because no matter what happened I always had a +1 stud bonus when going into shootouts. He let me bully with 0-1 draw dudes all day long. I'll try to give a more thorough break down later but I wanted to get the list out there for anyone that wants to see it or has questions about it.

Aug 22, 2017 Harlath

Well done on such a strong showing in Swiss. Pleasing to see 108 can still work well in a variety of styles based on your deck and the eventual winner, even post the justified 108 Worldly Desires ban.

Nice to see Bowie Knife over Shotgun - shows that there is good competition even over supposed staples - did you consider going two of each? I wondered if the shotguns would work well with Onward Christian Soldiers.

Also, interesting to see a deck going with only "on-table" cheatin' punishment. The game has matured enough to allow a broader range of options here relative to the core set.

Well done again, look forward to your "more thorough" breakdown when you get the time/energy but appreciate the early commentary and deck list. :)

Aug 23, 2017 Kamacausey

So after playing this deck I would def take out the onward Christian soldiers for either 2 more 7 value actions or 2 cheatin punishment actions, probably a coachwhip and an it's not what you know. I originally put them in there because it was the only other hymn in the game and it provides a powerful effect, but after playing the day with them in the deck I found out that A)it's not as good whenever I don't have a constant stud to buff and B) Stevie is the only one casting the hymn and I don't want him in a gunfight typically. I liked the Bowie knives because they let me get multiple surprise kills on the day by equipping them to a dude mid shootout but I would consider adding a shotgun or two to the deck just for the utility. I was originally playing 4 stakes and 4 Bowie knives because I wanted to have constant ways to turn my draws into studs but as a last second decision I decided to add 2 sun in yer eyes and I was very grateful with that decision as the day went on because of how many shootouts I got into on the day.