The Bull Demon Is In Charge!

published Sep 10, 2017 | | |
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DoomDog 934

Despite the deck name, I don't think I actually played Establishin' Who's in Charge more than once over the three games at Fanboy 3 in Manchester. Plenty of Bull Demon King Fu hit the table though.

I wanted to play Eagle Wardens Kung Fu, and I wanted to use the Bull Demon Tao. This was the result of my late night deckbuilding and then some last-minute tweaks the next morning before I headed out. The basic idea behind the deck was to build a Saloon and then boost it with Establishin' Who's in Charge and Silver Pheasant's Bounty. Tao of the Bull Demon Kung Fu would help defend it. With the various influence buffs from the totems, Great Sage Matching Heaven and Baijiu Jar the trio of Wei Xu, Mariel Lewis and Zachary Deloria would hold strong against any invaders. Allie Hensman being on-value meant that I could bring her as a backup source of Control Points. As not all my tricks were Kung Fu-based the deck could still do a decent job of defending her in the town square if need be.

...It's who you know and Kidnappin' were my last minute additions as I realised I'd probably need ways to start fights. It's Who You Know seemed like a good fit since I was already using influence trickery, and Kidnappin' is Kidnappin'.

I think the Eagle Wardens really need a few more options when it comes to Kung Fu (here's hopng for some in future sets. The TCaR Kickstarter is going far better than anyone expected). Until then, Behold White Bull becoming legal could make this quite scary. Perhaps some Sidekicks or Turtle's Guards would need to be added to prevent the White Bull's rage from destroying my own posse though.

I could write a report, or you could just watch me making all sorts of play errors in glorious moving technicolour as I recorded 2 and 3/4 of my games before my camera ran out of storage space (something to improve for next time). Videos can be found here:

Sep 11, 2017 jordan caldwell

Okay why Beyond the Veil?

Sep 11, 2017 kollatt

@jordan caldwell probably just to start 19 wealth?

Sep 11, 2017 DoomDog

Pretty much. The totem influence buff can come in handy when it happens.