Raven's Bandits - Wasabicon Servitor Winner

published Oct 23, 2017 | | |
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Jason York 8

So when finding a servitor to quickly use for this early tournament the first one that popped out to me was Raven. Not because I wanted to fight people, but because of the bonus control point. I immediately thought of a 108 slide due to the income generated with Companhurst's and the cheaper dudes available (which is great when Raven takes 2 ghost rock). I chose the Drunken Masters home because you get one extra ghost rock, and the ability to have the deeds on the end have the saloon keyword would work out well with Clementine for defensive reasons if my opponent decided to try to take them over.

Match 1 was against a player who just learned the game and was using the Law Dogs standard deck build from the core game that was created for demoing throughout the weekend. I actually helped him learn the game right before the tournament and showed him how using the home to make someone wanted and using bounty hunter right after was a quick way to target high influence people without jeopardizing your own dudes. So I wasn't surprised to watch him do that to Randall right at the beginning. While losing Randall hurt early on, I was able to get some deeds out quickly, then use the Agent to bring out Chow by turn 3. Fortunately on the next turn I got Doris out with a guide horse, and was able to maneuver her around enough to get over his influence for the win.

Match 2 was against another law deck, but it was Justice in Exile with Raven for support. Once again Randall didn't last long, as a bounty hunter dropped him in turn 1. I also proceeded to watch my R&D ranch blow itself up on the same day. After a few more turns I got 3 deeds out to build up a little control and got a scoop hound out for soaking casualties, but then the Agent got hit with a bounty. Fearing another bounty hunter was coming I sacrificed the Agent to bring in Max Baine, and then used Max to bring Chow out again. The next day I got the card I needed to push the action, so I moved all but Max to the adjacent deed and used Raven for a bullet bonus at that deed, which got my opponent thinking a job was coming. Instead Max brought Nicodemus out and I was in a good position to build up enough control to win. Once Nic moved over to the adjacent deed, my opponent was sending all dudes to town square. He used his Raven on the same deed that my dudes were on, and as soon as one person entered I called them out. The other three enemies entered booted, and I used Scoop Hound to lock all of us in, and unprepared to boot the last unbooted dude. The shootout when as I expected, ok for me but better for my opponent. Fortunately I only lost the scoop hound and Xiaodan, and ran home. The opposing posse all went home booted. At this point my control tied his influence, so I used Chow to unboot Nic and walked over to one of his deeds for the winning control point.

Match 3 was against a gadget Morgan deck. I finally got two deeds in my opening hand, and one of them was Baird's. I was able to drop 6 deeds in 3 turns with ghost rock and deeds to spare and my opponent didn't get any extra dudes to help try to control town, so it was a pretty quick game.

The extra control point from Raven came in handy in all 3 matches, especially since I didn't have to exceed my opponent, I just had to match them in deeds controlled but not owned. This deck didn't draw well in any of the shootouts I faced, so I may look into tweaking that for future plays, but for a quick put together with the new cards I think it worked well. Now I can focus on the two servitors I really want to try out, Grimme and Hellstromme.

Oct 23, 2017 Harlath

Thanks for going in to detail on what worked for you with Raven. Well done on overcoming losing Randall early a couple of times too!

Entertained by the inclusion of Legendary Holster - presumably for the bullet bonus and to bluff people? Fine work.

Did your opponents generally identify that you were sliding early and try to sit on your deeds or did it take them a bit of time to figure things out?

Congratulations, and I share your enthusiasm for Ezekiah Grimme and Darius Hellstromme. Hope everyone had fun. :)