Grimme Hex *2nd Place Servitor 2017*

published Oct 29, 2017 | | |
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BlackJack78 16

My first real build of a Sloane Hex Deck. I rely on using Grimme early to get spells out for Dave, and Maria first. Benny generally gets spells once the other two have a hex or two. In my opinion Grimme enhances Dave's ability to make everyone a draw, as I can quickly cycle through my deck to get any discarded hexes back. The draw structure goes more to a straight / straight flush as the game draws on.

My first round was against a Stone Law Dog shooter deck. I was able to draw Mirror, Mirror, using Grimme which put me on a level field in shoot outs in the first round. Thanks to an early couple of successful Desolation Row jobs by Miranda I was able to get her a control point (with 4 bounty) and extra 2 influence by round 2. Most of the shoot outs I neutralized any bullets bonuses with Nightmare realm and Mirror, Mirror. The final shoot out was saved by Benny when a successful cast of Ace in the Hole allowed me to go from a busted straight to a straight flush ending the Law Dogs run.

2nd Round Eagle Warden Raven Deck. Early uses of Grimme and a good pull for my play hands allowed me to quickly get both Mirror, Mirrors, Nightmare Realm, and Corporeal Twist out by the 3rd day. After going back and forth trading deeds I was able to make a push to drawing the Wardens into 2 shootouts at the opposite end of town. A combination of Mirror, Mirror and Nightmare realm and Corporeal Twist took out the heavy hitters and a good number of influences to get me the win.

3rd Round Hellstromme Gadget Deck. Grimme was not as useful as he was in the previous rounds however I was still able to get a Mirror, Mirror & Corporeal Twist early which did help, however I screwed up. I took Benny into a shoot-out thinking I had a Stakes Just Rose in my hand to bring in a 3 Stud Miranda against a Post-A-Tron. However after I played A Fight They'll Never Forget I realized my error, and allowed a discarded Benny to get aces thanks to Hellstromme. Giving my opponent a bonus Control point for Benny going to Boot Hill. Despite using an Ambush & Grimm Servant O' Death to remove 5 Morgan Influence. I was stopped short on victory from a Rope and Ride losing the match by 1 control point.

Moral of the story, Triple check your play hand lol. Over all I think the deck did great, with a few tweaks it will be a winner.

Nov 05, 2017 Harlath

Thanks for the report, it's nice to see quite a few cards from There Comes A Reckoning here. The extra detail in the report is helpful in seeing they're useful too, sounds like Nightmare Realm did good work.

I like the broad suite of actions - answers to most things are in here provided you see the right card.

Rough way to lose in the final, interested in any changes you're considering.