Raven's Murder - Servitor Series 4th palce

published Oct 30, 2017 | | |
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Tombstone_Frank 10

The basics of the deck is to get your guys to the other locations, sit on them, and get Raven ready to fight.

Using the Idols to move totems as needed, and the influence boost to Enapay, to then fuel Zach as a heavy shooter. Use Black Elk to control token dudes.

As a side not. Grimme is also good with this deck, to get the token-creating spells onto your shamans fast, and build an army to then have Charging Bear come in late.

Nov 05, 2017 Harlath

Thanks for the suggestion on Ezekiah Grimme - there's a danger that people ignore him for EW as he doesn't work well with totems. However, as you point out he works well with regular Spirits.

Nice to see Raven enabling a more proactive Beyond the Veil deck.

Worth flexing in Jake Smiley instead of Mazatl for a bit more stability on starting influence? Admittedly your home rockets your influence as soon as totems start entering play.