Always Bet on Stone

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DoomDog 931

I've been playing this deck in the OCTGN League without much success, but on the whole it's been really fun to play. I wanted to build an interesting deck with Stone, and it's Law Dogs because they're the faction I'm playing in the league (#ScrewDrew).

Stone basically needs 3x16 aggro to work well, but as most decks can hit Full Houses or better how to cause enough casualties to actually justify his being there? I hit on the idea of using Righteous Fury's difficulty 8 ability to increase my opponent's casualties. It's a spell I've always wanted to use in a deck. A tight structure and higher values than a typical 'shooter' deck would help me win, even in tied shootouts. The Gambler's Gun would help me win even more, cause more casualties and increase the chances of a CP from Stone. Both can be tutored by Father Tolarios, and Blessed provide other useful shootout support, and so a Stone/Blessed combo was born.

A slight flaw in my plan was that I wanted to use Steven Wiles as my grim servant o' Death. Him being discarded by the Gambler's Gun didn't bother me, but him regularly being discarded by his upkeep cost meant that any bonus earned from Stone would go with him if he was my shooter. Stil, if all was going to plan the one CP from Stone might be enough at the end of the turn. As it turned out I'd often have Tolarios act as my shooter instead as Wiles being Wiles he took the brunt of opposing shootout actions, so I gained several CP from Stone that stayed in play.

While it hasn't won my any games today, it's been very close in about half of them. Certainly not helped by my terrible luck. Unfortunately it does have a few bad matchups, several of which I ran into. It doesn't have enough influence in the deck to handle landslide without a fast start, and bounces off Blessed or Shamans with enough casualty reduction or soaks. The lack of influence also means a bad start against hex control could make for a tricky game. So probably not a tournament deck. As a fun casual shooter deck however I certainly feel it has potential.

Tweaking things and running without Stone is also a posibility, which would allow for a slightly looser draw structure and so room for more tech cards.

Nov 11, 2017 DoomDog

Finally won a game!

Nov 13, 2017 Harlath

Glad that this got on the board! Always good to see ways people can make use of The Gambler's Gun. Is Clyde Owens too expensive to consider on 10S? His forced callout can be very handy in certain match-ups.

Or maybe diluting down some of the forced callout/jobs with a few more shootout actions? Lots of tempting cards on those values, maybe the flexibility of Grim Servant O' Death or the raw power of Pinned Down?

Nov 13, 2017 DoomDog

Clyde Owens is certainly too expensive. A few more Shootout actions would probably help. Pinned Down is a good one to use with Stone and wouldn't dilute the draw structure. I've also been thinking about moving from 7s to 6s for better dudes, Faster on the Draw and Winchester Model 1873.

Nov 13, 2017 Harlath

Moving to 6s might not be a bad shout: from a quick skim it looks like Father Tolarios's Blessed 2 rating means you'll still pass all your key pulls. :) The miracles aren't quite as good for this deck on 6 however...