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forkbanger 57


This placed second in the Huddersfield Epitaph event, losing only to Spirit Fortress in the finals.

Nov 13, 2017 Harlath


Presumably this still has a pretty tough match-up against Morgan Regulators, but seems to do well against much of the rest of the field? Good to see another type of 4R deck doing well.

I thought this might have a good match-up against Spirit Fortress as you can Phantasm Nicodemus Whateley all over the place or use Avie Cline (Exp.1) on him, but hard to tell from a single match as it can be very draw dependent. Maza Gang Hideout does make all of this a bit harder...

Well done again and hope we see some other areas putting their own spin on this. :)

Nov 13, 2017 forkbanger

Beyond the Veil can undo your movement by booting- what's better is using Phantasm to push all of their guys into the Maza Gang Hideout and then using it to get rid of Ancestor Spirits by moving them. Once everyone is crammed in there and you've dealt with the ghost grandpas, you can Election Day Slaughter their real dudes without opposition.

Nov 13, 2017 Harlath

Thanks, good strategy on wiping out the Spirits to try to force through real casualties with an Election Day Slaughter the Spirit Fortress is unlikely to defend. :)