Outfit • Wealth 19 • Production 3

When checking for victory, if there has not been a shootout this turn, each player's influence total at each location is limited to 5.

Noon, Boot: Choose your dude. Move them to the town square. That dude becomes a stud. If they have a Horse, unboot them.

Entrepreneurs • Mirco Paganessi • Blood Moon Rising #5 | Weird West Edition #4
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Morgan gets a home that entirely rewrites what MCC is capable of.

First I will address the home ability. I love how well built this ability is. I really like how the ability is still good if you haven't got any horses out. Morgan has struggled to get affordable stud dudes, especially because almost all have upkeep. Regulators gets one of your dudes to be a stud for the cost of a noon action. It also gives you a stronger chess game from first turn as you can move to take a deed or engage an opponent, than move them back to the town square. This really helps catch opponents that are using movement affects like Asakichi Cooke and The 108 Righteous Bandits trying to get your dudes out of position. This affect is even better with a horse, as they can boot to move or for an ability, than move to the town square and get unbooted.

Then we have the trait. Many claim it's the death of landslide decks. Your opponent is going to have to move away from home if they don't want to get capped at 5 influence, and lose against 6 cp's. Combined with your homes ability you should have the ability to move in and engage shootouts. This means regulator decks should be built to push the opponent into situations they don't want to be in or they lose the game.

Regulators can defiantly still do mad science. Particularly good is Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton since you can than unboot and move them to the town square and making them a stud. Kyle Wagner and his Memorial Ranch ranch can let you invent a gadget horse, unboot wagner, increase the production, boot Wagner to reuse the deeds ability, Home ability to unboot Wagner to the town square and become a stud, move back to memorial ranch, and invent again without booting!

For those sliders out there, this home is a serous concern. There are ways to deal with them though. A pure dudes and deeds deck cannot handle this new home, nor does a non engaging The 108 Righteous Bandits deck that plays the chess game as well. You will need something interesting to handle the regulators. A landslide deck that engages in shootouts! This will turn off their home trait. The trick is to not take real casualties. Some options include Rabbit's Deception for 108. Lay On Hands for decks that can run miracles. Personal Ornithopter for gadgets. Bounty Hunter for law dogs (yes law dog landslide is possible). Shamans can combine Spirit Trail with Many Speak as One to set up Ancestor Spirit tokens around town, that will gain you influence and control of opponents deeds. If they engage a token in a shootout it will turn off their trait. My favorite is a huckster Soul Blasting themselves out of a shootout.

Landslide and evasive control decks are going to have to get a lot more interesting to handle this home.