Raven's-War Dogs (2nd @ York Servitor Series 2017-12-02)

published Dec 02, 2017 | | |
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DoomDog 931

As I could make it to enough different events for the Servitor Series, I decided I would play a deck for each Servitor. I've also been playing Law Dogs throughout, because #screwdrew. Grimme, Hellstromme and Stone had their turn, today it was Raven's time to shine.

I had a tortured pun ready for my deck name, however I don't think Raven is a great fit for the Law Dogs and I was puzzling over what to do with him. Shooty slide with Bounty Hunter sniping was one thought, but Raven's drawback could cause problems there. Forting up an Epidemic Laboratory with Auto-Gatlings and just getting the all bullet bonuses was another, but such a deck didn't sound terribly fun to pilot. Remembering that I'd likely be facing off against some members of Edinburgh's shadowy cabal of hucksters, I thought Knight's Chasuble would be useful to include, useful against such tricks as Avie Cline (Exp.1), Leonardo "Leon" Cavallo and Lost to the Plague. I decided I'd start Father Tolarios to search for them, added some Jael's Guile's for good measure, then set about building a 'general purpose' deck. I ended up with something that could handle itself in shootouts, had a bunch of deeds with efficient economy and some mostly affordable dudes. Gameplan? Nothing fancy, just play Doomtown.

One thing you should definitely do when using the Legends is read them several times until you know what they do, and if you're ever not sure, read the card again. That way you won't keep forgetting how their drawbacks work like I did in one game when I didn't realise Raven's -2 stud penalty for having fewer bullets than my opponent only applied when I was the leader. Oh well. Despite that, I did manage to finish second of eight players with this deck. I'm not sure how helpful Raven was in getting me that far though, and I certainly think my opponents' decks not quite seeing the cards they needed to function properly helped.