Drunken Deceptions.

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jaythejester 449

Jesters industries is back, partnering with the foreign investors, Li and Lu.

The strategy is fairly simple. Draw cards, play cards, draw cards, play cards, win. Well, there's a little more to it than that I suppose. This deck draws tons of cards, between Randall, Home ability, Focusing Chi, One Good Turn, Baijiu Jars, as well as a few other one of cards. Your than going to play out deeds, until you have a much greater number of deeds than your opponent can control. This is a classic landslide tactic deck but with an important twist, one I hope marks an improvement over straight dudes and deeds slide deck, and that is Kung Fu.

The Kung Fu element does restrict the decks values significantly in order to have high rates up success with your Kung Fu checks. In return, you get very strong manipulation of card draw as well as being able to boot your opponent off your deeds with Rabbit's Deception. Another great combination you have access to is Focusing Chi, Rabbit's deception, and Legendary Holster. Focusing Chi can spot your card pull that will succeed LH, or more frequently, be placed on top your deck to guarantee your a successful pull. Than ace an opponents dude, and escape the shootout with Rabbits Deception. Lastly, opponents might not be expecting to face a slide capable deck including spot removal. Playing an Ambush while low ball winner with a Rabbits deception in hand and Focusing Chi on top of deck will allow you to ace out any dude who will be forced to defend themselves alone.

Dec 19, 2017 RichCarter

Ambush Boots the leader (and usually the posse), so you do not have a handy Unbooted dude for the Rabbit's Deception unless there are two Focusing Chi involved.

Dec 19, 2017 jaythejester

First, play Focusing Chi as a noon action, place it on top your deck. Play the described Ambush. Rabbit's Deception pulls, Focusing Chi on reveal unboots the Kung Fu dude. KF dude and target go home booted. Have a second dude along to have a posse still. Job succeeds.

Dec 20, 2017 Prodigy

Only 16 deeds?! I've played against this deck and it felt like a typical 22+ deed land slide deck with the constant onslaught of deeds hitting the table.
The card draw really helps get those deeds in hand!

Dec 21, 2017 jaythejester

The card draw is a huge part of it. I made some alterations to the deck list with experience and feedback from that game. Looking at the deck history, I ended up taking out 7 deeds! This version gives far less to opponents by taking out deeds like The R&D Ranch and Circle M Ranch. In exchange it put in cards like Doomsday Supply, Hamshanks, and Lunar Leap. I'll look into sharing the unaltered version in comments, but I feel this deck gives less and combos better.