Flood of bodies.

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jaythejester 435

Jesters industries is back, and this time they figured it all out! To win shootouts, you need dudes. To earn Money, you need dudes. To get Control Points, you need dudes. So this deck has every thing it needs, DUDES!

The idea is to use your home ability to get income and put bounty on your dudes. Your deck is packing 15 stud dudes (7 costing only 1 gr!) and Shelby Hunt becomes a 3 stud if opponents take a 3 bullet dude to the shootout. Your hoping this early pressure, will allow a job or two to go through. From there, start flooding your home with dudes.

For Actions, Kidnappin' can push the bounties onto your dudes in large numbers, and is important spot removal for taking on cowards that hide at home. If a shootout turns south, play The Law Goes Underground to get your dudes out, either booting or discarding one of your countless cheap stud dudes. You might find you've reached a point where if your opponent doesn't defend, you win, but if they do defend all your dudes get their necessary bounty for control points. In that case, your goal will be to escape with enough dudes to win anyway, and The Law Goes Underground can help there. Do everything you can to draw opponents dudes out of position, harassing them as best you can to try and make every option cause your opponent to sweat bullets.

Hearts and Clubs are simply the most useful cards I thought would possibly help, but are far more for having a draw structure tight enough to win or escape shootouts with minimal casualties.

This deck does have a weakness in cheating punishments, economy if opponents keep you from succeeding jobs, and lossing Margaret Hagerty can be a real kicker. It's influence might also be too poor to handling landslide decks that develop too quickly.

Jan 05, 2018 jordan caldwell

This is the coolest deck I have ever seen...

Jan 08, 2018 Zeetoois

May I recommend 2 copies of Hunter Protections instead of the Maza Gang Hideout? I can't tell you how many times that deed has won me games out of Des Row.