Lawdogs gadgeteers #winner @ tiny tournament

published Apr 27, 2018 | | |
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oortje 82

@PistolWhip in the Netherlands this went 2-0. The turnout was disapointingly low, but we had a few fun games.

First round was against a lawdog thunderboy deck. We only had 1 deed each out, and had a bit of trouble with economy. My upkeep was a little lower and i had 2 4-studs. Together they pointblanked steven willes, because 1 was unprepared. Later i ucupied his 1 deed, my opponent became impatient and a shootout occured. Thunderboy died. The same turn I kidnapped the last point of influence.

Second round vs gadgettorium. We both had a increddible economy, but my studs dominated townsquare. Although this was in no way decicive. Then he dropped max baine with his remaining GR. I occupied Jackson's Strike and Lula's Exploit. His income dropped and made him unable to maintain Max Baine. A shootout at jacksons strike killed some influence stud. Now i dominated the controlpoints, but had no victory. Just before time was called in quick followup influence all over the town, but this was not enough to obtain steal my time victory.

Small adjustments from the previous gadgeteers deck. 2 hammers really made a big diffrence. More consistency, quicker studs.

May 08, 2018 Harlath

Congratulations! Glad this worked for you and look forward to seeing what you and others do with the 2T2D Law Dog Mad Scientist preview. :)

Comments on the Jael's Guile addition are helpful - seeing these a lot in decks.