Fiery Rhetoric 8 10 Q - Burbank Tombstone

published Jul 05, 2018 | | |
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RichCarter 405

I went hard after trying to make some magic with Fiery Rhetoric.

The deck turned out to be slow as molasses.

Sadly only a two player Tombstone event. Geoff Coleman brought the Oddities of Nature to the party, and the phantom influence in town square slowed attempts to claim victory. Micah Ryse (xp) was loaded with soul blast and a Stone Idol, so I wanted nothing to do with him. Lucky for me, the Oddities had little in the way of real influence to deny me production. Lucky for him, my Law Dogs spent the majority of the game studying scripture - so both of us were well funded. Fortunately the dark powers did not see fit to put a shotgun into Geoff's play hand ALL GAME. When time came to denounce all the criminal ways I booted Micah and Kevin Wainwright to keep them out of the fight, and then ran one Fiery Rhetoric with Sister Lois, and Abram Grothe (with Quick Draw Holster). Round one I scored a one rank victory with the quick draw holster. Round two was a cheating tie, neither of us had resolutions, and I discarded the wounded sister to keep Abram. then I ran the second Fiery Rhetoric with Father Tolarios, and Walk the Path provided the support of 4 stud Abram Grothe. knowing that we were both out of cheating cards, I was able to cheat big, score 4 control, and remove some of that infernal Oddities influence.

I need to tune up the economy a little bit, and I can see the merits of adding in Wylie Jenks, since the master plan involves all of the opposing dudes being wanted. Since the master plan also involves the movement control of the Too Much Attention, setting up the "winning turn" clogs the hand up and doesn't leave room for much in the way of cheatin' resolutions. Also, downside of a late game spell deck is that I end up degenerating out a lot of my values and that doesn't leave room for too many legal hands in the end game. I want to add in some more tool box miracles too, at least Censure and Jael's Guile as on the board Cheatin' Resolutions to take the pressure off of my play hand.

I also have a decklist doing 9's instead of Q's (for Framed, the blessed, and Consecration) - but I like the Q suite more.

Jul 05, 2018 Prodigy

This may be a rare deck where 1 or 2 All Or Nothing's might actually do some work! Even if it doesn't fully succeed, it might clear the TS for the Fiery Rhetoric to swing through unopposed.

Jul 06, 2018 DoomDog

I've also been thinking about trying Fiery Rhetoric again recently, with a similar setup to this actually :)

I still can't decide if I prefer Too Much Attention to Someone Else's Problem for something like this. I also feel that throwing out deeds to force opposing dudes to spread out might be helpful, to make the choice of opposing the job a bit harder. Q with its plentiful cheap deeds and Amazing Grace definitely helps with that approach. Jael's Guile would in theory help there because ideally wanted dudes would be booting into town square to oppose the job. Might 6/10/Q work for values?

Jul 06, 2018 jordan caldwell

Want to spread bounties fast? You got to hire an Irish Preacher.

Law Dogs + Stewart Davidson + Riorden O'Lithen+ free spells (Amazing Grace + Walk the Path + Censure for example) and your half way there.

The clue is on the art. Cheers!