Deadly Gun Fu:multiplayer

published Aug 02, 2018 | | |
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caelreth 91

A DMH deck I played in a 6-player multiplayer last weekend in Hartlepool. I ended up coming second.

As with all DMH decks, cycle the DMH cards out of your hand as quick as you can, and don't play the J deeds.

I managed to pull a few DMHs during the game, and also a few that were one card off but someone cheated, so I was able to use Pair of Six-Shooters to change my hand. Also one vicious Quickdraw Handgun when that turned out better for me than the six-shooters, trading a 5OAK for my 3OAK hand.

Other highlights included a double-dip Longwei Fu with a Buffalo Rifle being able to count twice for shootouts, and, for the first time, a six way shootout in the town square!

Game went to time (we had set a limit of six hours) and I didn't have as much control + influence as the winner.