Get Off My Lawn! (A.K.A. The Institute)

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Shinjo Hughes 53

Top Entrepreneur Gencon 2018 Basically the same deck I played at Gencon right after AEG let the game go. Swapped out Specks and Arnold for Margaret & Roe and took out two AutoRevolvers for Decimator Array.

The deck wins if the game lasts at least 25 minutes. (50 percent of the games at time.) It's built to autowin against other Fotress and Slide. However both of my losses both events were to multiple early shootouts without cheating resolution. (One game also featured double Takin Ya in the same shootout.) That said I need to add a couple more Cheatin Res's. Will drop the Outgunned & 1 Mod for 2 TWHitM.

Deck Theory: 1 Roe is a gadget in play, so he loses his upkeep near Margaret. Give Jen a horse and she also loses her upkeep. Start building at the ranch to up your production, and Gatlings mean you always control it. Once you thin the draw structure you start hunting.

Aug 08, 2018 Shinjo Hughes

There should be an Ornithopter instead if the 4th Forcefield.

Aug 08, 2018 Harlath

Congratulations, and good to see a favoured deck updated with TCaR to good effect. :)

You're point on Cheatin' resolutions: It's Not What You Know... as an off value option or 1x This'll Hurt in the Mornin' (I find the latter a bit too unreliable)? Once 2T2D comes out, Ricochet is well worth considering even if it is off value.

Or you could try one or two Rich Man's Guard Dog as it is on value and your pulls are pretty high?

Aug 27, 2018 mplain

Tried this deck out in like three games, and the problem I ran into was:

  • Structure is not very strong
  • Very little cheating punishment
  • Very little rank manipulation
  • Almost no casualty soak

So i'm all geared up and ready to go, I go out to contest deeds, engage into a shootout... my opponent cheats, I cannot punish him, I have to use Force Field to increase my hand rank, we both take a casualty... I discard Decimator Array, losing my only rank manipulation, opponent discards some 2-cost chump. And from that moment on, the scenario repeats, only the opponent has more chumps to soak, and I start losing either my Mad Scientists, or my 2-influence guys :( I must be playing the deck wrong, but the way I used to play my old Gadget decks doesn't seem to work here =_=

Aug 27, 2018 Shinjo Hughes

It's a Fortress deck. The deck only goes out to engage after it sets up thoroughly. Sometimes it wins before ever leaving the fortress because of Purifiers. You pile AutoGatlings on the ranch, so that no one can take it during lowball. Once you are generating 8+ Ghost Rock a turn (between Income and Feeders), you can usually reveal low hands, pay up with forcefield 2nd then force your opponent to take casualties by changing 2 pair into a full house with Decimator, or using Dead Billy and Ornithopter to win every shootout with ties. But you basically only start fights if you plan on bullying them or have 12 stud because you are in the Fortress.

The deck autowins at time with Max out, if holed up in the Fortess. Was designed to combat Spirit Fortress & Landslide while still having a solid strategy vs everyone else.

Aug 27, 2018 mplain

Ah, so I should reveal a low rank hand, then use Force Field, then use Decimator Array to get like +4 rank over my opponent? Okay, that makes sense! Thanks :)

Also, by Max you mean Max Baine? I don't think he's in this deck...

Aug 27, 2018 Shinjo Hughes

I think he should be in instead of Vallejo. Posted the deck from memory and made a few mistakes apparently.

Aug 27, 2018 Shinjo Hughes

I think he should be in instead of Vallejo. Posted the deck from memory and made a few mistakes apparently.