108 Drunken Sentinels

published Aug 11, 2018 | | |
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DoomDog 934

While this deck went unbeaten at Travelling Man York's Tombstone Series event, it only finished second as all wins were at time, losing out to a deck with two wins before time.

Game plan is fairly simple - dig for a Sentinel with the aid of Grimme, discard it at Sundown for a control point. You really only need one of each of the other spells in play. Yes, Father Tolarios is better for this strategy, but I wanted to play Anarchists!

It wasn't my plan to stall games out - I blame Legendary Holsters showing up in two out of three games putting a brake on my attempts to aggressively Sentinel to victory. Adding a Kidnappin' in place of a Pinned Down or the Grim Servant O' Death would probably be a good idea. Stuff to counter Legendary Holster and various Gadget nonsense would also be nice to have but you'd have to look in to off-values for that. Martyr's Cry never got used and could be exchanged for Takin' Ya With Me to add to your arsenal of dirty tricks.

108 Drunken Masters is only there for the 19 starting stash. I'd swap to 108 Gracious Gifts in an instant once it becomes legal for organised play, as then you at least have a home that can do stuff for you.

Aug 14, 2018 Prodigy

New 108 Gracious Gifts is going to be a huge boon to this (and other blessed) decks, for sure! I'm really looking forward to it.