Mad Gadget DMH (in the works)update 1.1

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broudebush 9

This is my new deck by me a greenhorn. If anyone has any thoughts or changes to this current deck let me know. This is my first from scratch deck going for Mad scientist/ Dead Mans Hand. Im sure there are some changes but not sure how to go from here, this is my starting point.

Aug 14, 2018 RNash

A few notes:

Firstly, Prof. Aloysius Roe cannot invent Gadgets, so if you want to be able to invent on turn 1 you should probably start another Mad Scientist in addition to him. I would recommend dropping Olivia Jenks for Diego Linares. This will also reduce your starting upkeep, so you will have better economy the first few turns.

Dead Mans is challenging to do with skills due to the nature of the deck structure. The easiest way to still be able to build weapon gadgets consistently would be to cut down to the bare minimum number of Aces (just the spades and clubs for DMH) and have 8 and Jack be your shooting values. If you stick to low difficulty weapons, it's even less of an issue as you can use Prof. Aloysius Roe to guarantee at least one invention per turn. When combined with Diego Linares, you can even guarantee a Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton on pulling an Ace!

I would recommend cutting Outlaw Mask, A Coach Comes to Town, This is a Holdup!, and Extortion. Entrepreneurs is not a faction that is particularly good at generating bounty, nor does it gain much benefit from having bounty. The Jacks are difficult to play for this faction with relatively little benefit. Reserves is fine since it is on structure and can always be played.

You're looking a little light on Weapon Gadgets to use with Darius Hellstromme. I would add some amount of Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton, Hydro-Puncher, and maybe Devil's Six Gun or Holy Wheel Gun as secondary choices.

Currently this deck is in a weird spot, in that it wants to get in fights but will not be able to win them consistently for several turns. Ways to address this would either be tightening up the structure for more consistent draw hands (cutting some of those off-value cards to add in more As 8s and Js), or putting in more cheap cards to cycle out of your deck so that you can get it slimmed down to fighting shape. If you wanted to go the second route, you might consider Doomsday Supply, Disgenuine Currency Press, Pedro, and a wider array of 1 GR cost dudes (Willa Mae MacGowan, Henry Moran, etc.).

Hopefully that will give you somewhere to start tinkering, if you want specific slot adjustments I would be happy to list them out.

Aug 19, 2018 broudebush

I am still trying to catch up on exp. since i just recently started play more. so card pool is limited at the moment. i have some of the cards you recommend but not all. will look though what i have, and make changes to what i have you suggested