Dude • Draw 2 • Influence 0 • Cost 1 • Upkeep 0

If Henry is unbooted when you reveal an illegal draw hand during lowball, boot Henry, discard the illegal hand, and reveal the top five cards of your deck as your hand instead.

"He makes Bob Bidwell look like the luckiest duck there ever was." -Xiong "Wendy" Cheng
• Ramon Puasa Jr. • Ghost Town #13
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From gomorragazette.com

Doomdog. 3/5. A cheap filler dude on 10 with a trait that could save you from a This’ll Hurt in the Mornin‘ in low ball, or frustrate your opponent who was hoping to use One Good Turn or Soul Cage on your cheatin’ hand, or Flight of the Lepus your dudes home. Of course, there’s no guarantee that the next five cards won’t make a cheatin’ hand…

Jedilanni. 2/5. Henry may or may not save you from getting hit by Cheatin’ punishment. Cheap dude with no influence, but does sport 2 draw and will fit into decks, including those requiring pulls.

Chefonk. 4/5. 1-cost neutral dudes are always good. Especially as a 10 value which traditionally lacks cheap dudes. Henry is also a viable starting option when you really do not want to cheat during low ball. Of course, this will not automatically prevent you from cheating with the next five cards, but it really helps with your chances. His high value and low cost also makes him a good starter in Hot Lead Flyin’ decks.

Jhandy27. 4/5. Having had him used against me, I can only describe him as a pain because its happened enough times to be statistically significant that the first hand is cheating and the next hand is either legal, lower hand rank, or both. This is annoying as I like winning low ball. He’s a definite sleeper card and I’d recommend trying him out, especially given his low cost.

Nu_Fenix. Philip Swinford‘s worst nightmare, as getting the chance to redeem your cheating low ball hand with another has helped me more on OCTGN in the past week then I would have initially given him credit for. The majority of the time I replaced the cheating hand with another of a lower rank, allowing me to win where previously I wouldn’t have. If you have the spare dude slot for your starting posse and 1GR, give him a shot, doubly so in a Kung Fu deck to help discard your techniques faster.

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For OCTGN play I've modified the card image with the errata wording. The file path is OCTGN\ImageDatabase\b440d120-025a-4fbe-9f8d-3873acacb37b\Sets\a4740baa-7999-4448-990b-20d933874417\Cards

2017-06-28 - Pine Box Forum post

Please note a minor errata is now in effect for Henry Moran. His wording is now as follows:

If Henry is unbooted when you would reveal an illegal draw hand during lowball, boot Henry, discard the illegal hand, and reveal the top five cards of your deck as your hand instead.

This is just to clarify that his trait is a replacement effect.

link broken - contact soulblight via BGG or Pine Box forums

Other errata images available: 108 Worldly Desires, Auto-Revolver, Bad Company, Concealed Weapons, Desolation Row, Focusing Chi, Forced Quarantine, Hot Lead Flyin', Ivor Hawley (Exp.1), Junior, Mugging, Nathan Shane, No Turning Back, Paralysis Mark, Rico Rodegain, Undertaker, Unprepared, Unprepared Promo, The Wretched

Posted with permission form Pine Box.