Scoot and Boot Movement Control

published Aug 27, 2018 | | |
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LPF 59

Essentially a joke deck but give it a go and annoy your opponents to death with cards that are never played.

The idea is that you never want to be in a fight (Obviously) instead you are going to scoot around the board with your movement abilities and your going to boot your opponents dudes with noon control cards. Go to an opponents deed, poop out a ghost, drop a totem, ruin someones life.

Some things of note:

1 Kabeda can use totems as if they were at her location. Use her primarily in combination with Red Horses Tail

2 Don't forget beyond the veils influence bonus when you use your Foreboding Glance, Rumors can also combo with that card.

3 Having a 2 influence ghost glare down someone is a good feeling, try to make it happen so you can feel good as well.

4 If you don't want to run Under the Weather and would rather run a much higher tier card in its place then might i suggest running This is a Holdup!

5 If you understand that #4 is a Joke (but seriously do it) then maybe just run 4 more dudes.

6 Having a spirit trail at your home makes it adjacent to your opponents deeds with a spirit trail.

Have a great day!