Den of Dead Men

published Aug 30, 2018 | | |
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The Legendary Den of Weenies 1 2 3
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Prodigy 695

My list for Gencons Dead Mans Hand tournament. My goal was to get as many dead men into the discard/boot hill as possible.

My gencon marshal list was originally made for this tournament, but I liked it so much I took it to the main event instead. This left me scrambling the night before to create a deck for the Dead Mans Hand event, so I took similar themes into this deck:

Lots of inexpensive dudes to send into shootouts alone (sometimes even free! because of the Outfit), backed by a tight draw structure and the Den of Thieves outfit ability to boost when needed. This tournament had 5 of diamonds as a 5th value to make a dead mans hand, so that's why the structure is A/5/8.

It's been too long for me to remember the match details, but it went 3-1, losing to the undefeated and event winner Stone (aka David Hogg).

I did, however, record the number of shootouts I got into that day: 19 separate shootouts over 4 games!!!