The Legendary Den of Weenies

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Prodigy 695

This is the equivalent of magic's white weenie deck - tons of cheap dudes streaming in, turn after turn. So much fun to play, and it's been performing very very well.

Den of Thieves makes this truly the most dudes with the cheapest cost available of any other deck. 19 dudes plus 3 Hired Guns means 22 dudes with none of them costing more than 3 GR (unless you count +1 from Hired Guns). Breakdown by cost: 1 dude that costs 0, 2 that cost 1, 7 that cost 2, and 4 that cost 3. With 3 income a turn plus the Den home, you can churn out dudes like no tomorrow, even with no deeds.

I originally started the deck out with Hot Lead Flyin's and Takin Ya With me, but it didn't mesh that well. It was too inconsistent, any many of the dudes weren't high enough value to make it worth it. Plus you just sit there with the Hot Lead or TYWM in your hand... waiting... waiting... when you could be putting tons of dudes out. I had cards like Steven Wiles, Willa Mae, and others that were cheap but higher in value. The deck was only mediocre at winning shootouts, so I wanted to be able to have a more consistent threat presence while cycling through the deck as fast as possible, putting card after card on the board.

Enter the shotguns + legendary holster, and you have some seriously scary weenies.

Starters - pretty obvious, you have low influence to start but the Fred Aims + Makaio Kaleo, Esq. combo keeps that steadily increasing with nearly every turn. Kidnappin' often add an instant +2 influence to Fred, which is nice. Other than that, though, try to keep him out of combat unless you don't have a good 2 bullet dude which which to put a Holster or Shotgun on.

Other cards:

Pagliaccio helps even more with the shotguns, of course, and with 3 hired guns you essentially have a whopping 6 chances to get them.

Hired Guns is really an amazing workhorse in this deck. I never used it much until now, but it is incredible! You have a shotgun but those dudes your opponent has are 1 or 2 value too much? Grab a Pagliaccio. Your opponent is looking like a slide deck, and you need income denial? Grab Hiram Capatch. Just need a couple more instant influence? Grab Marion Seville or The Fixer. Badly need a stud (which is often a problem with this deck)? Grab Ramiro Mendoza or a cheap Funtime Freddy. Lookin ok, and want to finish out the game ASAP? Grab Allie Hensman. The toolbox of dudes that Hired Guns allows is just awesome. You can essentially count your deck as having 4 copies of every dude. Edit your toolbox to fit your meta.

Hawley's Rose helps a bunch with the overall low/non-existent influence of your dudes. This deck was originally A's and 3's, but the Roses were way better than the six-shooters.

Bottom Dealin' is the most devastating cheatin' res this deck could hope for. Coachwhip would be nice, but this deck will cheat somewhat often, and it's value is too high to reliably pull on the Holster.

Unfortunately this deck has problems with too few studs, but that's not really the main point. The point is to blow away a guy or two every round with shotguns/Holster. You lose a couple of guys in the process? Who cares, 1-3 more will come out next turn. This also helps with cheating punishment - often you can just eat through it with your horde of dudes without any problems. As I found vs @mplain, though, a targeted Coachwhip to my Holster'd dude or to Fred is very devastating.

Often you will be drawing 5-6 cards on offense (0 or 1 stud rating), which isn't great, but just one stud will make all the difference. The Stakes Just Rose helps with the low stud counts, and makes sure your Holster/Shotgun equipped dudes can get into the fight.

It's because of the low stud count, along with always having a ton of money, that I'd probably switch out Jackie for Barton. Maybe I didn't play against enough super aggressive decks, but in a majority of my games I've been the one on offense, and Jackie sucks on the offense. I love that she is nearly immune to p-marks, shotguns, etc and she wears the Holster great, but often times I just wanted an offensive stud.

Another change I'd make would be to switch out Butch for Junior. This deck is not great without at least one shotgun or holster, and he'd add another chance for that holster while staying on value (plus he wears a holster or shotgun quite well).

If your meta lacks slide, change out Hiram for Silas Aims. Silas with Shotgun/Holster plus Makaio makes for fun times.

Mar 29, 2016 Prodigy

Played a few games with this last night, changing Jackie out for Barton Everest, and Butch out for Junior.

Junior never came up, but Barton was a rock star as always. I was a little frustrated at the hit in economy, but it ended up very much being worth it. Especially when you win lowball and you have a holster or a shotgun, you need to be able to go on the offensive.

I will keep those 2 changes going forward.

Apr 15, 2016 InvertedGuard

Have you been playing this much recently? I've been trying something similar out of Morgan, but by pumping out deeds rather than just having cheap dudes.

What sort of changes have you made?

Apr 15, 2016 Prodigy

I played this list quite a bit, but I've since moved on to other decks. Other than adding barton and junior, I hadn't made any other changes. I was considering one Pagliaccio out for Olivia Jenks because the influence can sometimes suck in this deck, but other than that I felt it was extremely solid and didn't have anything else to tweak.