It’s What Hexslingin’ You Do

published Oct 25, 2018 | | |
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jaythejester 455

It's Not What You Know... It’s what Hex Slingin' you do.

This deck is a concept I half abandoned more than a year ago. With some of the recent sets, I decided to update and publish it.

This is a deck I call a build and burn. This is the absolute opposite of aggressive. That’s not to say it doesn’t have teeth though, eventually.

The starting posse allows you to have an end of day Influence of 5 or 6, has very respectable stud dudes for defense, and leaves you enough GR to afford to play some cards in your hand.

The high number of deeds is intended to get your opponent spread around town, as well as create the economy you’ll need. Puppet also has a way of forcing your opponents actions toward a shootout.

Ezekiah Grimme helps tutor out your spells to use Hexslin’ with. If you have turns with no real need to use Forget or Puppet on opponents, you can still use those spells on your own dudes with hopes that your pull is a spell to activate Grimmes React ability. (Yes, Your low grit casters can Puppet themselves)

Shootouts are to be pursued after you’ve put a chuck of the decks off value spells and deeds, and you have 2 or 3 It's Not What You Know... and Hex Slingin' in your hand. Your goal is to force your opponent into defending a shootout using weakened dudes they can’t spare, increasing your hand rank by 1 or 2, and punishing cheating with a -3 or -4 hand rank.

While this isn’t a Fortress deck, it does contain the Whately combo that can net you 5 CP at a location difficult to take.