Putting the Regulators Together

published Nov 12, 2018 | | |
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Prodigy 732

Latest attempt to make Putting The Pieces Together work in different ways... the results are in, and they are more positive than I thought (but still inconclusive). 5 dudes showed up to the Milwaukee Abomination Series, the lowest I've seen since going to events there, so we did 4 rounds of swiss that proved to be a great time!

The theory is having plenty of high bullet studs, thanks to Jasper Stone, and the Regulators home, preferably with a Peacemaker to avoid sun in their eyes. 1-2 PTPTs + lots of cheating punishment to back it up, along with plenty of bullet reducers to hopefully force the opponent into cheating makes for a successful shootout.

This performed better than expected (with low expectations, however) and was very fun to play. Allie is the main finisher, with 3x Hired Guns to make sure she's found.

This was my first time playing Jasper Stone, and while the bullets were often nice, the drawback was almost always awful, and the CP + Bullet from an aced dude was extremely rare (I wish it said discarded or aced, that would have made a huge difference many times!). It's an all in strategy deck, so Stone fits the theme, and it was still very fun.

Despite having zero deeds, the economy was almost always just fine, as there isn't a ton of things to spend money on - mostly the PTPTs and maybe an occasional dude or goods.

If I had to make changes, I'd likely add a few more clubs for more consistent shootout hands, and get rid of Longwei Fu as I didn't realize he would not work with Stone.

Also, despite only 5 total values having x4 cards, the deck cheated way more than I would have liked. Maybe I got unlucky, but perhaps spreading the flush/SF values out beyond 10 would help. However, for the times when you don't get any PTPTs, having a better chance of a SF is very helpful. It's a hard balance to find, but also part of the continued joy of trying to build around PTPT!