Rabbit Fu

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EsquireSandwich 9

Dec 31, 2018 Harlath

Worth considering Inner Struggle and/or Bottom Dealin' instead of Coachwhip! to let you play 1x Ambush and give you a second job? Might be tempted to drop Fool Me Once... for a second Sun in Yer Eyes because it is just so good!

Beyond that, looks pretty robust to me - sensible starting posse, solid gameplan and a good number of off value cards to help win lowball and fine tune without diluting shootout hands too much.

Doomsday Supply might be worth considering too - it is on your existing 5 value and lets you "Toolbox" by digging for the appropriate Goods from your reasonably wide range.

Dec 31, 2018 EsquireSandwich

Thanks for the comments. I've not been having a lot of success with this deck in the small circle of friends I play with, but I think i need to keep working with it (we usually play 3 player with one using a landslide deck and other using an abominations)

I haven't gotten a lot of value out of Natalya or Shizeng, so I'm thinking of dropping Natalya, Shizeng, and Companhurst (to just get rid of the "lower ghost rock" idea)- which would free up some room for things like doomsday and some of the clubs you suggested.


Dec 31, 2018 TybarSunsong

One thing I do when I play decks is I try to pay attention to what has been stymieing me the most from my opponents, and what cards I end up having in my hand and wishing I had something else.

In that vein, what keeps tripping you up in your games?

Jan 03, 2019 TomTheOlympian

Rabbit's Fu is deck type that needs to fight, you'll definitely want to find a way to increase the kill job count from just 1x Kidnappin'. I'd also recommend swapping out both the nunchucks for Shotguns and Fool Me Once and ...It's Who You Know for more copies of Sun in Yer Eyes, as it's one of the best shootout cards in the game.

You might also want to consider swapping out Xui Yin Chen for another starter as her Upkeep is pretty prohibitive. Maybe try swapping her out for Longwei Fu to give Shizeng Lu some safe back up in shootouts? Shizeng's benefit isn't his ability but that he can pick fights without risking any influence for you.