108 Fangtastic Bandits

published Feb 04, 2019 | | |
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DoomDog 931

For the Manchester Abomination event in decided I'd go with Xiang Fang as my Abomination of choice. She's great for getting extra ghost rock out of your deeds when brought into play with He Fang's ability, and in a pinch can get next turn's production from your home early.

I never got the opportunity to use her aggressively. An earlier build of this deck played around with the combo of Xiang Fang and This is a Holdup!, then moving her to safety with The 108 Righteous Bandits or Make the Smart Choice if called out, but I wasn't satisfied with the rest of the deck. Likewise I mused starting Ol' Howard to grab Stagecoach Office so I didn't have to move He Fang around to where I wanted her to enter play, but it squeezed my starting ghost rock more than I liked.

In addition to the Fang family combo, my other trick was having Clementine Lepp working in a Saloon with a Soul Cage hidden behind the bar, with the intention of using it during lowball to bring Xiang Fang into play for more ghost rock. Of course, once I got this set up in a game my opponent's deck stopped serving up Cheatin' hands.

If I played this deck again, I might tighten up the structure a bit and focus more on 7s as a third value, but overall I was happy with how it played.