Diamond Pieces

published Feb 10, 2019 | | |
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jaythejester 435

J.I. Aggregations and Prepotences division is proud to share our most recent developments.

Wait, don’t leave. No, wait! This isn’t a slide deck..... well, okay, maybe it is sort of a slide deck. I suppose it could accidentally win via typical deed slide play simply by the fact it has so many diamonds. This deck is designed to win shootouts by having a 6 (flush) + 4 or +5 hand rank, and pulls this off against an opponent spread out by a slide board state.

How to play this deck: This deck has atrocious issues winning shootouts early in the game. Do not get into fights until this deck Puts it’s Pieces Together. Hopefully your end of day Influence 6 (7 or 8 if Ambrose uses ability) will keep you in the game until your shooting capability are built up. You want to pull hexes out of your deck with Grimme, use Jia Mein (Exp.1) to pull Putting the Pieces Together or Fiddle Game into play from your discard pile. When you've built up your hand rank, and you haven't cheated that turn, Jia can grab and use Forced Quarantine to eliminate opposing dudes and gain control points.

Feb 10, 2019 jordan caldwell

I always liked the original art of Ivor Hawley best.

A rare deck that'd rather that 4th influence point over abominable recursion.