AbomiNation 6/K

published Feb 22, 2019 | | |
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Kees 42

A retooling to 6/K from 6/Q from the last iteration of this deck. Decided to go to K for more cycling with The Winning Agenda and the fact that I used the Ranger's Bible mostly for giving 0-influence dudes 1 influence. The cheating resolution on the bible is hard to use also, as you cheat quite often yourself. So Hats function just as well. I wasn't that impressed with Soul Cage either, it is pretty slow.

As I found out during a few rather disastrous games, you absolutely have to draw Ivor. Hired Guns helps with that. It can also be used to reuse Bobo, or pull abominations out of the discard pile to ace them in the Parish.

Feb 23, 2019 Kees

It might also be an option to include a Point Blank or two (lots of studs to go around, with the Claws, Skinwalker, Tonton, Eve...). But I want to test the consistency of this version first.

Feb 27, 2019 Harlath

Thanks for sharing, very clear commentary on how a deck evolves based on experience. :)

Agreeing on potentially a Point Blank or two being worth including - maybe Inner Struggle could go in on A to keep the same number of cheatin' punishment cards, or some could be splashed in off value? Ricochet, It's Not What You Know..., Coachwhip! and Bottom Dealin' can all work well, although the final option depends on how tight you keep your structure.

Feb 27, 2019 Kees

The Winning Agenda can be used as a cheatin' resolution in a pinch (though it is not great for that). Maybe the hired guns are too much, but I doubt it because the deck I used last time already had 2. Structure needs to be tightish because I want to do a lot of fighting.

So the only change I am making for now is adding a point blank. I will be testing the deck this weekend. :)