Saddle up Regulators

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ThomasJakobsen 6

My first attempt to make a Horse deck - but after being severly punished by Calling The Cavalry at the Copenhagen Hunting Grounds Series I wanted to make my own version. I liked the skeleton provided by the A Horse of Course deck, but made some modifications to suit my own style of play. Most of the cards are fairly obvious, but I really like how Jael's Guile combos with the other few cards that can boot Dudes (namely Run 'Em Down! and Ridden Down. I added the sole Kidnappin' to counter the widespread use of Pedro that I face all the time, so that they might use the poor donkey for protection against my Run 'Em Down!. Due to the spread of cards from 6 to 10, I included a few 9 clubs in shade of Cheatin' Varmint in order to make room for a possible late game Straight Flush. Only card that really hasn't performed well is Rope and Ride. It's bothers me, since I really like the ability. But in none of my few games so far has it ever been useful. So I might scrap it for a tighter draw structure.

Jun 04, 2019 jordan caldwell

Rope and Ride.

Awesome card. Super fun. One of Doomtown's coolest "dirty tricks". But needs a constellation to put together effectively.

One road I use is Morgan Stables = move + callout + rope. A second (using any home) is Sunday Best = win lowball + move + callout + rope. A third and fourth could be Friends in High Places or Amazing Grace = refuse + callout + rope. A fifth is Danny Wilde = nope + callout + rope. Other creative setups.

My personal solution to "this deck is trying to do too many things" is to identify which combos are interfering with each other, then decompose the deck into those two parts, and reconstruct each part into two different new decks.

Hope that helps?