Tuwikka-nera bien qui Tuwikaa-nera le dernier V2

published Sep 07, 2019 | | |
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Tuwikka-nera bien qui Tuwikaa-nera le dernier 1 0 3
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yoritomobobo 33

First try at evolving the Tuwikka concept.

I fell in love with The law goes underground some times ago, andit's on value with Idol of Tlazolteotl, which allow me to stack influence for big It's who you know/Tuwikaa/Deloria shootout. Also the J value dudes are quite good for the first people, so it seems to make sense.

I also tried to strenghten my draw structure, adding Pinto as a horse even though i'm not a big fan (quite expensive).

I replaced Rumors by Ridden down and This will hurt in the morning (i was light on cheatin punishment), Ridden down should help a bit more to make people vulnerable by booting more of them. :)

Also a singleton Calling the Cavalry because i'm evil and i like to see people get outranked.

I'm still not decided on Agent Provocateur, i should have enough dudes so that it can act as a ghost rock generator in the early game to help me develop, without ruining my starting economy. We'll see.