The Fabulous Mister Miss: Texas Ranger (Pine Box Team Deck)

published Apr 28, 2020 | | |
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Pine Box Entertainment, LLC 156

Greetings Greenhorns and Veterans alike!

This is the deck I would have played at ChupaCabracon this coming weekend as a possible BYE to show off some of the new cards in Hell's Comin' With Me. This deck derived from a strong 16x3 build I believe I saw on dtdb some time ago that focused on a 4/6/8 structure. I played a version in the UK at what was dubbed the Danish Challenge in which each player had to play a Gadget deck. This was pre-Too Tough to Die, and the Law Dogs certainly have some more cards in their arsenal (pun intended) now to compete against the MCC. I look forward to a time where that event happens again :)

The concept remains the same. Build up until having Mister Miss loaded with Gadgets to conduct a home invasion, or get out the Judge to start eliminating opposing dudes. Stewart and Yaple both make getting wanted dudes on the table easier to trigger Thunder Boy and the Arsenal ability. Solo battles with a Force Field and Hank Ketchum help maintain attrition if need be. I may slot in a 4th Force Field if not seeing one becomes problematic and perhaps an off suit Mechanical Horse to help move and call out with Arsenal. Janosz was in earlier builds but was swapped out for Agent P and Ketchum.

Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think pardners! -Lapp

Apr 28, 2020 Findegil

And with Mister Miss out, it's not even vital to get bounty because you can still call out unbooted Dudes and hit their influence if they refuse.

Maybe squeeze in Drew Beauman whose 1 point of skill is pretty important with all the 4s?

Apr 28, 2020 Findegil

Also, Town Council for a possible Thunder Boy monster callout?

Apr 28, 2020 Pine Box Entertainment, LLC

A backup scientist is a good idea, I just realized Mortimer is the only other one in the deck and he will fail the pulls on a 4. Had not thought about the Town Council combo!

Apr 29, 2020 Findegil

I also feel like 8 cheatin' cards is a little overkill - We Got A Beef! has some interesting synergies with Arsenal/Mister Miss, Technological Exhibition lets Mortimer is particular do an auto-build, and there's always Faster on the Draw.

May 06, 2020 Pine Box Entertainment, LLC

I usually go 7-9 anti-cheatin' cards as a personal preference, but yes probably overkill with Harrowed and Force Field options. I'm going to slot in one each on those 6s and also Takin' Cover has good synergy with the deck.